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Welcome to the web site of Division 12 of Coast Guard Auxiliary District 11 Northern Region (D11NR). The flotillas comprising Division 12 are located on the east side of California's San Francisco Bay -- from Oakland and Alameda in the north, south to Fremont, and beyond the San Ramon Valley to the east. This site is designed as a hub for access to and from the four flotillas, and as a public access point for those who want to find out more about Auxiliary activities in Division 12's area of operations.  The Auxiliary supports the Coast Guard through public education, recreational boating safety programs, and operations (such as patrols and watch standing).  We enjoy the comradeship of dedicated people doing an important job for our community and country.


History of the U. S. Coast


The Coast Guard Auxiliary's precursor was the United States Coast Guard Reserve, established by an act of Congress on 23 June 1939. It was composed of unpaid civilian volunteers -- U. S. citizens who owned motorboats or yachts. 

In 1941 Congress created a military Reserve and renamed the original reserve the Coast Guard Auxiliary: "The purpose of the Auxiliary is to assist the Coast Guard, to promote safety, to effect rescue, to promote efficiency in the operation of motor boats and yachts, to foster a wider knowledge of and better compliance of laws and regulations governing the operation of motor boats, and to facilitate other operations of the Coast Guard." 

That simple charge has expanded since 1939. As the educational arm of the Coast Guard, the Auxiliary taught boating education to recreational boaters. This was accomplished through classes in Boating Operation and Safety open to the public, Courtesy Marine Examinations, and Marine Dealer Visits. 

In 1996 the first official change was made in the duties of the Auxiliary. Congress clarified the Auxiliary's role to: "assist the C G as authorized by the Commandant in performing any CG function, power, duty, role, mission or operation authorized by law." In addition, the Auxiliary was allowed to assist other Federal agencies, state authorities and local governments in other areas than boating safety. 

The Coast Guard is a military unit; but the Auxiliary, by law, is non military. This means that Auxiliarists can participate in all CG activities except law enforcement and actual combat. 

Before the official expansion of responsibilities in 1996 the primary concern was with education related to recreational boaters. After the change in law the Auxiliary became more involved with other aspects of Coast Guard missions. The Auxiliary took a more active role in search and rescue through the use of their facilities and resources by water, land, and air. The Auxiliary became involved with watch standing at Coast Guard stations, expanded Courtesy Marine Examinations (now called Vessel Safety Checks) to include commercial fishing boats, patrols for port security, air reconnaissance, administration and a wide variety of other duties as requested. 

The 9/11/01 tragedy brought new challenges to Coast Guard Auxiliarists, and new opportunities to apply their training and their dedication. And the role of the Coast Guard itself was given new emphasis when the service became the lead agency in the newly established Department of Homeland Security. Coast Guard duties did not expand, per se, but were intensified to address the increased threat of additional acts of terrorism. When a senior Coast Guard official was asked if they could do the job with their present manpower he replied, simply, "We have the Auxiliary." 




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Coast Guard Island 
Alameda, CA

(The fourth Thursday of every month unless otherwise posted.  Uniform is Tropical Blues or appropriate civilian attire.

Here is a link to driving directions, a map of CGI, and procedures to get on base.)



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SEMPER GUMBY:  An article in the Chronicle about an Auxiliary boat on patrol in the Bay.  Some of it is fun; some not.




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Coast Guard boat boarded by ferocious sea creature
... see video ... caution advised!

US Coast Guard HH65C helo

Going out in the Big Blue to do some fishing?  Maybe up the river or the delta?  All is well until something isn't, then all those USCG and CG Auxiliary boats and aircraft come looking for you.  Make it easier for us to find you ...File a Float Plan!

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RB-M self-righting test

Can your boat do this?

(Let's not try to find out.)  This is the 45-foot Response Boat-Medium (RB-M) successfully completing a self-righting test. The RB-M is an all-aluminum, 45-foot boat with twin diesel engines and water jet propulsion. It's expected to be the primary non-heavy weather, multi-mission capable boat operating from Coast Guard small boat stations and will replace the aging 41-foot utility boats and assorted non-standard boats. (more


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